Why a Mack Wallbed?



One thing is certain…. there are sometimes plenty of choices. It can be tough to choose with all of the options presented to us with any given product we want to purchase.

How do you know what is the best product, the best deal, the right decision?

When it comes to shopping for a wallbed in the San Francisco Bay Area, here are a few ideas…

Be ready to make a trip to the showroom to see the wallbed. This is very important…

I receive countless calls from potential customers who only want the price and don’t really want to see the product in person.  Fact is… A picture of a cheap bed and a picture of the best bed on the market might not look much different. If you are only buying a wallbed on price, well…..There is much truth to the oft used phrase; “You Get What You Pay For”.

Once in the showroom, try out the beds.

How easy are they to operate? Do they drop to the floor heavily or float in midair if you let go of them. When you lift them back up, do you think a 2 year old could lift the bed or will you be getting your morning workout in as soon as you wake up?

How flexible is the salesperson to your needs? Do you only have a choice of A, B, or C, or can your new wallbed be made the way you want it made?


If its price you are looking for, come on in. We are not the cheapest, but we are far from the most expensive. Especially since the phone in our repair department never rings.

If it’s quality you are looking for, pay us a visit. Once your new wallbed is installed, you will never have to see us again; unless you decide to move the bed later on down the road.

If it’s choice you are seeking, you will find it at our showroom. I like to say that every bed that I make is a bit different than the one before.

When you want a bed that will last a lifetime, choose a Mack Wallbed.

I look forward to building your new bed soon.

Ryan Mcgunagle
Mack Wallbeds