The Eurobed System is our Most Popular Wallbed Because of Several Factors…

The Eurobed attaches to your existing wall into at least 3 studs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou can adjust the spring tension on the Eurobed yourself and the bed will float in mid-air when you let go of it.

Your mattress can be as thick as 11.5” with the standard Eurobed. A longer leg is available for mattresses up to 14” in thickness.

We provide a choice of four different, high quality, comfortable mattresses.

If you wish, you may use your own mattress.

  • Meets or exceeds ISO 9002 standards
  • Durable and Safe: All 3 of the wallbed mechanisms that we sell are engineered to ISO 9002 standards, which means you will be purchasing a bed that has passed the most demanding of engineering tests; a bed system that, because of the ISO 9002 rating, is used around the world. Mack Wallbeds are specifically designed to be used on a daily basis without needing constant maintenance and adjustments. Fitted with tempered steel springs, our bed mechanism is qualified to perform flawlessly for as long as you own it.

  • The Eurobed System is Available in Twin, Full, and Queen
  • The Eurobed Comes With a 5 year warranty

Please contact us with any questions we can answer about The Eurobed System.

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Why do more people choose the Eurobed over the Room Maker?

The Eurobed will fit into a smaller space and will project less into the room when open.

The Eurobed will attach to the wall; the Room Maker will attach to the floor.

Please contact us with any questions we can answer about  The Eurobed System.