How We Work With Cabinet Makers & Contractors

From: Ryan McGunagle

When it comes to doing it yourself, either as a cabinetmaker or contractor; there is no better choice than the SICO Eurobed.

When I was younger, working for my dad, we would cold call cabinet shops in our display van. We had a double sized Eurobed that we would show to cabinetmakers to get them interested in our product.


Want to know the most common thing we heard upon introducing ourselves? “OH No, they would say, not another Murphy Bed, the last one that I built for a client took me a week to figure out how to build!”

Therein lies the reason for buying quality. You can buy a cheap Wallbed kit for a few hundred dollars over the internet. And, even with all the right tools, spend 40-50 hours of your precious time making that kit into a Wallbed that is customer ready.

You see the difference with the Eurobed immediately upon opening the box that it is shipped in. The whole frame is put together, slats for the mattress to lay on, adjustable springs, everything is ready to install within minutes of opening the box. If you had an enclosure ready for the mechanism to be installed in, the installation could be complete within 20 minutes of opening the box. What a difference!

When my Dad and I talked to a cabinetmaker and heard him lament about the hours lost on his last Wallbed job, we would respond like this; “In the time you spent building one bed, you could have built four or five Eurobed systems and had a far better experience.

How important is your time to you?

Give us a call at Mack Wallbeds and we can answer any questions about the Eurobed or other SICO Wallbeds.

Thanks for Reading and I Look Forward to Working With You,

Ryan McGunagle:

Owner Mack Wallbed Systems.

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