The Murphy Wallbed

The Murphy Wallbed is a new addition to our showroom. This bed is easy to use, and like all of our beds, is built to last a lifetime.the murphy wallbed windsor, ca

  • The Murphy will take up to a 10” mattress (A special leg is available to allow up to a 12” mattress).
  • The Murphy will attach to your wall.
  • 25 Year Warranty is the Ultimate Guarantee
  • Meets or exceeds ISO 9002 standards
  • Durable and Safe: All 3 of the wallbed mechanisms that we sell are engineered to ISO 9002 standards, which means you will be purchasing a bed that has passed the most demanding of engineering tests; a bed system that, because of the ISO 9002 rating, is used around the world. Mack Wallbeds are specifically designed to be used on a daily basis without needing constant maintenance and adjustments. Fitted with tempered steel springs, our bed mechanism is qualified to perform flawlessly for as long as you own it.

Why choose the Murphy?

The Murphy will take up the least amount of space of all 3 Wallbeds.

The Murphy offers a Lower cost alternative to the Eurobed and Room Maker systems; while maintaining the workmanship and handmade feel of all of our wallbeds.

Please contact us with any questions we can answer about The Murphy Wallbed System.