Our Mattress Selection is Designed to work with our Custom Wallbeds.

Each Model is designed With the No-Turn Feature allowing maximum comfort on one side while staying within the maximum height requirements of wallbeds.  The component materials are all made in the USA of the highest quality.  Each is designed to provide a comfortable, supportive, and relaxing sleep.  (We also Have a model that is hard and lumpy if you do not want your guests to stay too long).

tempur-select mattress

“THE GOLDCREST” model is a firm mattress with heavy gauge hi-carbon steel coils.  The comfort layers consist of high density firm foam combined with a durable fiber insulator pad.  The mattress is covered with a cozy micro fiber for easy cleaning and great durability.  This model is ideal for back sleepers.

“THE ROYAL PLUSH” model is a soft yet supportive mattress.  This model also has the heavy gauge hi-carbon steel coils for maximum support and durability.  The comfort layers consist of several layers of plush hi density foam combined with our

Dura-flex insulator pads.  This model is often selected by side sleepers.  Covered in cozy micro fiber for easy cleaning and great durability.

“THE SILVER EURO TOP PLUSH” model is like sleeping on a cloud, soft cushy and snuggely.  Extra layers of plush hi-density foam supported by resonated fiber pads and hi carbon steel coils combine to provide years of relaxing comfortable sleep.  Covered in our cozy micro fiber for easy cleaning and great durability. Try it – You may like it.

“THE TEMPER SELECT” model is designed very similar to the Tempur Pedic mattress.  The materials are all US made of the highest quality.  The memory foam surface is the same material used for the seats in the space shuttle program.  This material will conform to each sleepers body and reduce pressure points, as well as provide even support from head to toe.  Covered with our cozy micro fiber for easy cleaning and great durability.  Memory foam is the material most asked for by U.S. mattress shoppers today.  The biggest problem is you won’t want to get up in the AM.

Can I use my own mattress for my new wallbed?”

Yes, the standard eurobed will accommodate a 11.5” thick standard size mattress, or can be modified to accommodate a thicker mattress. The weight of the mattress should not exceed 95 lbs.