Bed Choices for Your Custom Wallbed

The Eurobed

Eurobed Custoom bed Concord, nhMost people choose to work with the Eurobed mechanism because it is the greatest space saver. It is a spring-operated mechanism, which operates with finger-tip pressure. Extremely safe for kids and easy to use.

This wallbed carries a mattress, which rests on steam-bent, laminated birch slats. The slats offer more support than a box spring and are just as comfortable. You can leave your sheets, blankets and pillows on the bed when you close it.


Most people choose this mechanism if they want a heavier front than the Eurobed will allow.

Roommaker wallbed Concord NHThis wallbed mechanism is a good fit for commercial uses like Hotels or Fire Stations. The RoomMaker has spring-operated mechanism which operates with fingertip pressure. When installed and balanced properly it floats in mid-air if let go when pulling down. To close the RoomMaker, you lift and give it a push, it pulls itself closed. The mechanism secures to the floor. You can leave the bed fully made.


Purchase the RoomMaker if you want to apply solid raised-panel fronts, or a mirrored front to the wallbed mechanism.


The RoomMaker wallbed carries a mattress and box spring, and has a built-in headboard.